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The regulatory treatment of non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”) may differ in different jurisdictions, and NFTs may – depending on their specific features – be unregulated or be subject to regulation in a number of jurisdictions. The services and activities which eToro intends to conduct in relation to NFTs are limited to aggregating information and referral to third-party platforms, and eToro does not intend to provide services in relation to any NFTs which constitute regulated products in any jurisdiction.

No NFTs may be purchased through eToro by use of the services provided by eToro, and eToro is not responsible for any trading activity in NFTs which may occur on any third-party platforms to which eToro may direct its customers. NFTs may be highly volatile, and individuals transacting in NFTs may benefit from little or no consumer protection, and may be subject to taxes on profits. The services which eToro provides may be limited to customers in certain jurisdictions at eToro’s absolute discretion including on legal, regulatory or commercial grounds.

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NFTs are highly volatile, may not be regulated or subject to any consumer protection rules, and you may lose all the value of your investment. Tax on profits/gains may apply. See here for further risks. got it